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Porticulus Iani

This is where Ianus lives, in doorways

Ianus Incantatus
Posting policy
This journal is strictly public only. I see no reason to be selective about exhibitionism. Besides, I shall not tell here who I am in the so called real life, so the most harm this journal can cause is to destroy the reputation of a pseudonym.

I don't know how often I'm going to post. It'll probably vary greatly depending on my mood an other obligations.

Journal contents
Well, this is inspired by my involvement in Harry Potter fandom, so that would obviously influence the topics here quite a bit. I might make digressions here and there without prior warning, though.

I don't have a particularly dirty mind (or at least I'm not admitting it to you), so I expect contents here be more or less famiy friendly. However, I take no responsibility of any mental damange caused by my musings, and I'm not going to purposely censor anything either.

Friending policy
As one can easily deduce from the first paragraph, there isn't much practical benefit from being friended by me. However, I'd be more than happy to friend anyone who wants to be recognised as my friend - and be friended back.